On November 19, the fully renovated female health department of Kapan Medical Center clinic, which was implemented with the support of the company, was set to work. The ceremony was attended by Martin Andersson, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chaarat Gold Holdings, board representatives, regional and local authorities, as well as the medical staff at the medical center.

The guests went for a walk around the renovated area, got acquainted with the conditions created for the residents of the community. The department serves about 3,000 women annually, where in addition to the Kapan region, residents of the Kashatagh region of the Artsakh Republic also receive medical services.

The renovation work was resumed on September 5, initially only for the women health department, but at the initiative of the General Director of the company it was expanded to the therapeutic department, which included fluorography, which is of no less importance to the community. Doors and windows have been changed, lighting, heating and ventilation systems have been upgraded. The total area of ​​the renovated area is about 221 square meters. About 12 million AMD was invested, and the renovation works were carried out by the employees of the construction site of the company.

The refurbished departments had never been repaired (about 30 years), so many problems arose during the work, which the company construction employees mastered to solve in a short period of time, turning the department from the poor conditions to an upgraded one. Specific status has been taken into account here, construction materials and property have been selected to meet the requirements of the departments as far as possible.

“I think the implementation of this project was right on time, our women receive medical care here, and for many years they have been deprived of proper care and comfort. Our company proudly and fondly implemented this project, our construction employees bend every effort have spared to provide such conditions for our present and future mothers,” said David Tovmasyan, General Director of the company.

Those present expressed their gratitude to the management of the company for always keeping the community’s concerns and issues in focus and for undertaking such important initiatives.

The management of Chaarat Gold Holdings assured that Chaarat Kapan will continue to take part in all the future and community development projects.