On December 19, the most anticipated «New Year’s Dream» charity event was held around the main Christmas tree of the company.

This tradition-driven event at the company is aimed at helping children from socially vulnerable families and children with health issues; to make their New Year’s tale a reality.

A month ago, every toy on the Christmas tree of the company administration building had the dream of 54 children from the Syunik Marz Child and Family Support Center waiting to receive this Christmas from Santa Claus. Within days, those gifts were ready. All employees of the company have participated in the initiative with their own means.

Providing a festive mood to the participants, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden gave the presents to children.The children involved in the initiative also received New Year gifts from the management of the company.

The company also provided New Year gifts to Geghanush residents up to 17 years old, to their secondary school students, and for students of Kapan No3 Special Educational Complex.