For the first time, a forum on the development of small and medium-sized businesses was held in
Chatkal district of Jalal-Abad region with the participation of experienced entrepreneurs from
Bishkek, who expressed their willingness to become mentors and advise local inhabitants on how to
start or scale a business. Chaarat Zaav CJSC, a mining company operating at the Chaarat deposit,
was the initiator and sponsor of the forum. The co-organizers are the state administration of the
Chatkal district and AZ Entrepreneur.

“Today we are taking a course for the development of the district, for the creation of a programme
to support industries whose products are most in demand. We can sell what is valued today: for
example, organic vegetables, fruits, meat, koumiss (mare’s milk), milk,” Altynbek Senirbayev, akim of
Chatkal district said in his speech. He also stressed that the support of mining companies – such
socially responsible ones as Chaarat Zaav – will give access to new opportunities and knowledge of
the forum’s mentors, who know from their own experience how to develop business and establish
supply channels.

“We want Chatkal entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to learn from the best today, because
development can be achieved only through training. As of today, we allocate 14 million soms as an
annual social package for the needs of the Chatkal district, and I would like this money to be used
not only for the daily needs of local inhabitants, but for the strategic purposes too: for example, the
development of local entrepreneurship, improving the overall standard of living and access not only
to local sales markets, but also to foreign ones. Therefore, we decided to initiate and sponsor the
first small and medium-sized businesses forum,” said Venera Osmonkulova, Community Relations
Specialist of Chaarat Zaav CJSC.

Entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the development of animal husbandry, beekeeping, crop
production, fish farming, and tourism participated in the forum. Each of them not only shared their
personal experience but based on an analysis of the Chatkal district potential, suggested what
exactly is worth developing in the district. For example, Renat Dosaev, Chairman of the Association
of Fisheries of the Kyrgyz Republic, said that local conditions allow growing fish that likes cold
conditions, and this is a unique opportunity in its own way. Aisuluu Duishebayeva, an expert on
berries and medicinal herbs, held a presentation when she explained what useful herbs can be
cultivated in Chatkal and what herbs are best suited for the local climate, and their cultivation does
not always require large costs and efforts.

Some of the speakers spoke online. Each of the participants had the opportunity to contact and talk
with a mentor about the business direction they are interested in, get some advice on their business
(or plans), as well as communicate separately with the mentors who arrived to the forum.
Chaarat Zaav CJSC believes that the ideas and connections that have arisen following the results of
the forum will help to build successful projects in the foreseeable future and create conditions for
further development of the Chatkal district.