Chaarat’s vision is to build a leading emerging markets gold company which delivers value to all our stakeholders by adhering to the highest ESG standards


Our strategy for achieving this vision is based on the following key pillars:

  • ESG – we will work responsibly to:
    – provide a safe work environment built on the highest standards of safety management
    – operate to the highest standards of environmental stewardship
    – enhance the infrastructure, education and healthcare in our host communities and to improve the living standards and opportunities for those communities
  • Organic growth – we will maximise our production via:
    – operational improvements and brownfield development at our Kapan mine in Armenia
    – staged development of the assets in our Kyrgyz Republic cluster (Tulkubash and Kyzyltash)
  • Non-organic growth – we will selectively identify value-accretive opportunities in our target region which will deliver value to shareholders in both the short term and through longer-term exploration potential
  • People – we will attract, retain and develop a skilled and diverse workforce across all levels of our organisation with a focus on developing local talent in our host communities and creating an environment in which those employees can thrive and learn
  • Finance – we will identify opportunities to secure funding and reduce the cost of capital with the main objective of maximising value for shareholders with appropriate consideration to levels of shareholder dilution

About Chaarat

Chaarat has more than 1,000 employees located  principally in Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Chaarat consistently applies international Environmental and Social Standards to all its operations. Achieving and maintaining zero harm is a key part of Chaarat’s culture and therefore we operate a strict Health & Safety management system at all our production sites and promote a shared responsibility for health and safety with our workforce.

Chaarat aims to be Biodiversity Positive and invests in tangible biodiversity conservation projects; we also accrue funds for post closure activities to restore the territory of the exploited mines to natural conditions.

We recruit locally and we invest in the social infrastructure of our areas of operation with due respect for the socio-economic vocation of the territories.