The affluent history of Kapan mine includes many honored names of people who were committed to their work and who we still remember, taking every opportunity to be grateful to them  once again. Among them is Svetlana Kiarunts; the legendary production engineer, who we proudly visited on the occasion of the upcoming holidays. On behalf of the company we congratulated our former employee who made a great contribution to the company wishing her sound health and long life.

“The mine was not just a workplace for me, it was a place where I  spent most of my life, and I am truly grateful that you still remember and appreciate the work we have done,” Svetlana Kiarunts said, sharing with us the memories of eventful working days.

Svetlana Kiarunts has worked for almost half a century in the Kapan mine, starting from a worker and then taking over managerial positions. First, she worked as a mill enrichment specialist, then chief engineer, mill manager, head of technical control department, deputy director for quality, consultant, carrying out all the tasks entrusted to her with great responsibility.   Even today, there are a lot of employees at the company who have shared the same work path and have received skills from their senior colleague Svetlana Kyarunts.

Chaarat Kapan CJSC also prepared New Year gifts for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War living in Kapan, many of who also worked at the Kapan Mine.

The veterans in their turn expressed their gratitude to all the staff and management of the Chaarat Kapan for their advertence and constant attention.