Chaarat recognises the obligation it has to protect and preserve the environment to the best of its abilities for, and on behalf of, the communities it works beside.

The Company continuously measures the impact its activities are having on the local environment, ensuring that it adheres to all local and international regulatory requirements as well as seeking to adapt thebusiness to reduce the overall environmental impact of its operations.

In addition to compliance with national mining and environmental legislation, Chaarat is committed to meeting the expectations of good international industry practice, including recommendations set out by the IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability.

The Tulkubash Project is based on international industry-standard practices and is supported by Kyrgyz and international standard ESIAs. Its design also follows International Cyanide Management Code guidelines.

Chaarat’s immediate focus after the acquisition of Kapan is to improve environmental standards at the mine. Improvements to Kapan’s Tailings Management Facility design and water treatment system are already underway and Chaarat has engaged SRK to conduct an International Finance Corporation-compliant environmental audit of the mine. A particular focus will be to maximise water recycling and upgrading the tailings line.