Chaarat has an uncompromising focus on the safety of those who work for the company – be that its employees, contractors and suppliers.

To ensure safety is always at the forefront of the Company’s decision making and behaviours the Chaarat leadership team nurtures a culture of collective responsibility for safety. International Health & Safety best practices are used throughout the company’s operations and construction sites. This is complemented by a clear reporting and remediation framework.

Chaarat’s goal is to ensure that it identifies and removes risks before they result in an incident. The training provided to those who work on site and the business improvement programmes implemented are all designed to create a proactive and positive approach to working safely together.

Hazard recognition is emphasised throughout Chaarat Zaav safety training.

A newly employed Safety Manager is responsible for driving change to a behavioural-based safety culture at the Kapan mine. Moreover, Kapan safety reporting is being integrated and aligned with Charaat Standards.