Chaarat has an uncompromising focus on the safety of those who work for the company – be that its employees, contractors and suppliers.

To ensure safety is always at the forefront of the Company’s decision making and behaviours the Chaarat leadership team nurtures a culture of collective responsibility for safety. International Health & Safety best practices are used throughout the company’s operations and construction sites. This is complemented by a clear reporting and remediation framework.

Chaarat’s goal is to ensure that it identifies and removes risks before they result in an incident. The training provided to those who work on site and the business improvement programmes implemented are all designed to create a proactive and positive approach to working safely together.


Hazard recognition is emphasised throughout Chaarat Zaav safety training.


A newly employed Safety Manager is responsible for driving change to a behavioural-based safety culture at the Kapan mine. Moreover, Kapan safety reporting is being integrated and aligned with Charaat Standards.

Health and Safety Policy

“Chaarat Kapan” CJSC is committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for all employees, contractors and visitors. Achieving and maintaining zero harm is a key part of our culture, with management providing leadership and direction and employees and contractors actively involved in developing the safety practices. It is the responsibility of “Chaarat Kapan” CJSC to motivate, encourage and ensure our people operate in a safe and responsible manner in all aspects of work, as well as in our time with family and our communities.

Employee health and safety programs are a priority

Each employee of the Company is at the forefront of the medical staff of the Company on a daily basis. The medical center equipped with modern equipment and first aid medicine provides our staff with 24-hour medical service and complaisant pre-shift checkups. Before each shift and beginning the work, each employee entering the mine undergoes mandatory medical examination and they are allowed to go to work only after assessing their health condition.

The annual employee medical examination is also implemented at the medical center.

Our doctors and nurses provide high-quality medical services at the center in compliance with international standards.

Employee health and safety programs are always in the focus of attention of the Company management as a priority.

To achieve our health and safety objectives we will:

  • Promote safety and health as a core value of the Company’s culture;
  • Understand that no task, however important or pressing, should be performed in an unsafe manner;
  • Hold all our employees and contractors accountable for health and safety performance;
  • As a minimum, comply with relevant legislation, laws and international guidelines at all times;
  • Consider health and safety as part of all work planning or any design criteria;
  • Ensure all employees and contractors are competent and trained to complete their tasks;
  • Provide adequate information, instruction, training, consultation and supervision for employees and contractors;
  • Provide adequate resources to manage health and safety risks in all tasks and working areas;
  • Provide safe systems, policies, standards and procedures to effectively manage and control safe and healthy working conditions;
  • Carry out regular task observation and risk assessments to continuously manage controls for a safe and healthy work place;
  • Report, manage and learn from injuries, illness and near-misses;
  • Continually review measurable key performance indicators and strive for continuous improvement by setting targets and measuring results against those annual targets;
  • Ensure active participation in this policy by the workforce; and
  • Review and revise this policy as required or annually.

“Chaarat Kapan” CJSC strives for “Zero Harm” and will actively promote a shared responsibility for health and safety with our workforce.