The key to success in implementing the activities of “Chaarat Kapan” CJSC is having a team of experienced and professional employees. Behind every achievement of the company there is the result of teamwork of highly qualified, seasoned and responsible specialists.

Each member of our team have their own contribution to the activities of the company. Each employee of the company can attain professional success and build a successful career.

Human Resources Management System is the HR policy of the company that incorporates a set of principles, goals and visions and in the long run determines (or predetermines) the content and direction with the personnel.

The key functions of the Human Resources department are:

  • Personnel recruitment and adaptation,
  • Staff evaluation,
  • Staff training and development,
  • Carrier planning,
  • Regulating internal labor relations,
  • Planning and analyzing work processes,
  • Preparation of work papers,
  • Assessment of key performance indicators /KPIs/.


Read about our Employees

The Veteran Miner

Ararat Movsisyan, mine drilling and blasting section long hole drill rig operator, has been working in Kapan mine over three decades. Upon returning from the army he began to work as long hole driller. Growing up in a miners’ family, mining was no stranger to him, he says when going underground he knew what kind of work it was and easily adapted to the job he was entrusted with.

“I have been engaged in this work for 37 years, every day I put on the overall with pride and pleasure.”

He says that you perform your job fondly if you have a good staff, reliable colleagues and is grateful that he has been granted with the opportunity.

“We had a manager who used to say that the miner deals with rock and steel, but his spirit is soft. He was indeed, right. The mine has become my second family, I already have many colleagues who are very near and dear to me, who are always ready to support me,” says the miner.

Ararat Movsisyan values work ethics and discipline at work and always had them in the first place when performing his duties. He assures that many years of work in the same enterprise is the biggest value for the miner.

Women in Production

Anna Paramazyan, manager of the metallurgical services of the company, despite her young age, already has a rich working experience. At the age of 22, she was employed as a flotation operator at Kapan Mine, currently there are 102 employees working under her tenure.

“When I just started working, everyone was wondering whether the job was not difficult for me, especially that it was a shift work, but it didn’t scare me. Later, of course as a beginner I faced many difficulties; back then the technological processes were not automated yet, and manual work was needed for most of the time, but due to the love towards my colleagues and production work I overcame many things,” she recalls.

She says production is not just hard work; it is very interesting and offers great opportunities to grow professionally, that made the young girl to hurry to work every day.

“The experience I have gained here gave me many things, each working day at the mine was an opportunity to learn something new. Over the years, the company has also been operated by overseas companies and it helped us to learn the experience of the expat managers that they applied in their home countries and the successful ones we have used in the company,” she says.

Our exemplary and seasoned colleague assures that she has succeeded because she has a clear goal and walked towards that goal, and the valor to constantly learn and apply new things has made her skilled. Production today is an integral part of her life, even if she is not at work, she regularly communicates at all times of the day.

“She is a good leader, who has the finest human qualities, a master of her profession, and one gets both the skills and enjoyment working with her,” says her colleague Ruzanna Grigoryan

Anna is also a mother, bringing up two children, trying to make time so that her work and family do not suffer.


Women in Mining

Women have always been entrusted with important tasks at Chaarat Kapan CJSC and they have achieved great successes in the company. Taking into consideration the particularity of the Kapan region, where two large mining companies operate, we can say that women in Syunik have great success in mining.

About 160 women work in Chaarat Kapan CJSC, making up 14% of the company workforce. These women play a major role and have great responsibilities at work. In this video, the women employees of Chaarat Kapan CJSC talk about their vast experience, the challenges of their profession and their biggest achievements.


From trainee to mentor: Azamat Saparbek uulu – Surveyor, Aigyr-Jal village, Chatkal district

In 2012 it was fist time for Azamat to be at Chaarat deposit, at that time he was a third-year student and he was doing his internship. The future specialist got into the profession almost by chance, he passed the national testing and decided to try to apply for some profession related to mining, since he comes from the Chatkal district, which has long been famous for gold mining. Azamat gained enough score already during the first round to be enrolled on state-funded place and start studying for a surveyor.

The first practice showed that the choice was made correctly: Azamat was fascinated by his work. Surveyor is a profession in demand not only in mining: this includes roads, construction and many other different opportunities. Thanks to his work Azamat visited various parts of the country: in nature reserves, in the mountains, in various fields – and he again returned to Chaarat Zaav, where he once began his career as a student. He says that he was drawn here, people always helped him here by giving him an advice, they mentored and supported him. This is a third year since Azamat has been working in the company as an experienced specialist with a good background.

By the way, now our specialist teaches other talented young men from Chatkal. He says that small companies often require the services of surveyors, and young specialists in this case are very useful – they can carry out the necessary work, and at the same time they have the opportunity to gain experience for large projects. Qualified personnel are always of a good value and Azamat is very happy that he once chose a profession related to his native land and became his favorite business. Now he helps to develop his region with both knowledge and contribution to the development of small businesses.