Chaarat’s long-term success relies on having a trusting and constructive relationship with the communities who live and work beside us. Core to building and maintaining this long-term relationship is Chaarat’s commitment to:

  • Supporting the education and development of local employees and children
  • Investing in local business, projects and medical programmes that are identified as priorities for the local communities
  • Providing infrastructure that benefits both Chaarat’s activities and local businesses

Through the forging of strong relationships, providing local employment, supporting local businesses and acting as a respectful corporate neighbour, Chaarat strives to ensure its activities bring sustainable prosperity to the communities it lives alongside.


Chaarat contributes over $210,000 annually in social aids to the Chatkal district and the Chaarat Zaav workforce is comprised of more than 80% Kyrgyz nationals.

As well as employing people from the local community directly, Chaarat Zaav supports the local economy by creating indirect job opportunities via contractors who provide drill rig operators, assistant drill operators, samplers, ditchers and labourers.


The Kapan mine’s workforce comprises over 98% Armenian nationals and there exists a strong, long-established relationship with the local community. In 2019, Kapan funded the reconstruction of two kindergartens in the community.