Mr. Pilipenko’s experience involves working for the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation during 7 years, as well as for the Russian largest enterprises like Rusal and InterRAO. Vyacheslav was directly involved in a number of GR projects for Russian and international companies, including development of GR strategies. Mr. Pilipenko was responsible for maintaining effective interaction with state authorities and political organizations and has organized public lobbying of the interests of companies and access to the desired levels of government in Central Asia. Vyacheslav has successfully prevented and settled undesired consequences of hostile actions of competitors or authorities. Mr. Pilipenko has built strong working relations with representatives of state authorities of the Russian Federation (at the level of Governors and deputy governors) and in the former Soviet Union (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan – at the level of the Presidents, the Prime Ministers and the Ministers), and secured favorable regime of operations in supervisory and tax regulatory bodies.