In Kanysh-Kiya village, on the occasion of the approaching New Year, our company held master classes on making souvenir decorative plates.

Such handicraft may serve as a gift for a festivity, decorate house walls, remind of an important date and just please the eye. Our staff member gathered talented children from different villages of Chatkal district to share with them how to work with acrylic paints, explain what decoupage is (a special technique of applying pictures on different surfaces with the help of special napkins, glue and paints) and show how to make a present for their nearest and dearest with their own hands.

The children tried to create their own souvenir plates with great interest; while some of them decided to draw on their own, others used ready-made colorful pictures, which were then simply supplemented or further elaborated. At the end of the master class, each participant took his or her work home as a keepsake.

We are happy to contribute to #development of local children and youth, to share our knowledge and skills.