Every year, Chaarat Zaav CJSC signs a cooperation agreement with the Chatkal district state administration and provides a social package to support the local population including the treatment of local inhabitants, development of the district infrastructure, and support for educational and sports initiatives.

In 2020, the social package amounted 14 million soms. The costs had been allocated according to the needs of population during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, a modern reanimobile was purchased on the costs of the Chatkal district social package. The Company also supported young doctors by providing them with a part of the deposit amount and helped with the renovation of the maternity ward building and the red zone of the local hospital.

Other important infrastructure projects include asphalting roads and preparing design estimates to improve roads between villages. Another project, the construction of playgrounds has been postponed until spring.

In addition, 17 students pursuing specialists’ degrees in health care and geology areas at universities in Kyrgyzstan at the expense of the Company, and ordinary citizens can apply for support for urgent treatment and operations. Help is rendered to the low-income residents too.