Chaarat Zaav CJSC contributed to the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic by providing assistance to residents of Chatkal district of Jalal-Abad oblast. 10 tons of flour were delivered to a remote region, which were then distributed among families from socially vulnerable groups.

“We are grateful that Chaarat Zaav does not stand aside in the fight against coronavirus and continues to participate in the life of the district,” said Kanzharbek Eshaliev, head of Chatkal district. “In a crisis, it is important to fight together to overcome both the disease and its economic consequences, as well as to prevent problems whenever possible.”

In addition, the company transferred 200 thousand soms to the Rayon Emergency Fund for the purchase of chlorine-containing disinfection products. In this way, it promotes quarantine and sanitary standards and the implementation of preventive measures that allow the population of the area to have access to both food and disinfectants, which reduce the likelihood of the virus entering surfaces.

Chaarat Zaav CJSC plans to continue providing support in the fight against the pandemic. Thus, with the assistance of the Kyrgyz Embassy in the UK, 5,000 rapid tests have already been purchased in the UK, part of them planned to be delivered to the Chatkal rayon. At the moment, we are working on the delivery and registration of the required documents.

All necessary measures have been taken at the deposit to prevent workers from getting infected with coronavirus, premises and equipment are being disinfected and treated.The number of local staff has been temporarily reduced to a minimum in order to reduce contacts, but with the saving the job-places and salaries in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

For refrence: Chaarat Zaav CJSC is developing a large Chaarat gold deposit in Chatkal district of the Kyrgyz Republic and is a subsidiary of Chaarat Gold Holdings Limited. The assets of the British holding also include the existing mine in Armenia, the Kapan GOK. Chaarat Gold Holdings Limited has a clear strategy for establishing a leading gold mining company in the CIS in accordance with the highest world production, environmental and social standards.

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