The new Chief Executive Officer of Chaarat Gold Holdings, Mike Fraser, visited Kapan for the first time since joining Chaarat on January 17 this year to get a first-hand impression of the current operations.

Mike was accompanied by Chaarat Gold Holdings Chief Operating Officer Darin Cooper and Chaarat Kapan General Manager David Tovmasyan visiting the mine underground and all surface production sites. Mike got acquainted with the company activities, technical equipment and working conditions.

During the introductory meetings with the employees, Mike Fraser presented his priorities, the upcoming plans and activities of Chaarat Gold Holdings.

“I am glad to have joined the Chaarat team, I think we will be able to succeed in the activities of our Company together. I thank all the employees of Chaarat Kapan for their daily work and warm reception”, Mike Fraser said. He assured during the meetings that the Company will continue its strong support for the local communities.

“Carrying out our activities in Kapan, we also realize that we must work not only for today, but also for the future, to approach the problems of the community with compassion and offer our support for its solution. Therefore, we must all contribute with our work so that the programs and investments implemented for remain such a strong support for the communities”, he added.
During the meetings, the company management team and the employees welcomed Mike Fraser and team members expressed their willingness to combine experience and knowledge for the development of the Company.