Chaarat Kapan CJSC (the “Company”) finalised another initiative in the community of Kapan. The Kapan Children’s Music and Art School No. 2 renovation was completed and is now back ready for use. All renovation was funded by Chaarat. General Director of the Company David Tovmasyan, Chief Operating Officer of Chaarat Gold Holdings Limited Darin Cooper and Mayor of Kapan Gevorg Parsyan visited the school to see the results first hand.

The school building was renovated for the first time since 1972 and the school staff appreciates the new facilities and especially the new heating system very much. After the revamp, the school has all necessary facilities and amenities for structured learning.

For another successful cooperation with the community of Kapan, the Mayor of Kapan Gevorg Parsyan thanked the management and employees of the Company for taking on this much needed task and achieving such a great result for the school and the community of Kapan.

General Director of Chaarat Kapan CJSC David Tovmasyan once again confirmed that the Company cannot stay away from programmes aimed at making the Kapan community more prosperous and beautiful.

“This is another step towards the development of the cultural life of the Kapan community and the provision of quality education for future artists, and we are glad that Chaarat Kapan CJSC also played a significant role in this initiative”, David Tovmasyan said.

The opening of the school was accompanied by an exhibition of paintings and an impressive concert programme of the music school, in which both students and teachers performed.