April 28 is the International Day for Occupational Safety. As always, this year Chaarat Kapan organized a festive event on this day.

Ensuring the safety and health of employees in the workplace is one of the primary and most important preconditions for the company, to which various measures are taken.

To better celebrate Safety Day, it was decided to recognize April 28 of each year as the safest workplace of the year on April 28 of each year, in order to strictly comply with safety rules and requirements throughout the year. This year Mill was recognized as the best, awarded with a letter of thanks and a prize.

General Manager David Tovmasyan congratulated the employees of the Mill, believing that next year the number of the best safe departments will increase.

Congratulations to all the employees of the company on the International Day of Occupational Safety. May you only have success and achievement in the workplace.

Safe work to all of you.