The professional day of geologists is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of April. This holiday was initiated by a group of famous Soviet geologists led by Academician Alexander Yanshin. Geology is a science that comprehensively studies the surface of the earth, the interior, the processes that take place in them. The main focus of this science is rocks. The importance of theoretical and practical geology in the world today is growing significantly. There is currently no sector of the economy that does not require minerals, fuel or energy resources. It is no secret that the mining industry is impossible to imagine without geology. Armenia’s economy would be a different place without revealing the mining, raw material and economic potential of the subsoil, so the development and progress of our country is impossible without the work of a geologist.

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for using your professional skills and abilities to benefit our company as well as the development of the country’s economy.

We wish you and your families all the best, health and professional success.