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Country Profile

Map of the Kyrgyz Republic

The Kyrgyz Republic
Location                                                           North eastern part of Central Asia
Area                                                                 199,951 km2 (between UK and Greece in size)
Land boundaries                                              South of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and west of China
Terrain                                                             Landlocked and mountainous (like Switzerland)
Climate                                                             Subtropical in the southwest (Fergana Valley); temperate in the northern foothill zone; dry continental to polar in the high Tien-Shan mountains
Time zone                                                        BST +5 (summer) GMT +6 (winter)
Population                                                        c6 million (83% of Central Asian/Turkic descent)
Age                                                                  Median age 25, 60% of population younger than 30
Religion                                                           No official religion; most of the population is Sunni Muslim (75%) and Orthodox Christian (20%)
Language                                                         Kyrgyz – state; Russian - official         
                                                                        Parliamentary republic - unicameral democracy. The elected President of the Republic is the Head of State and the Commander-in-Chief of the military. The Prime Minister is the head of government and is chosen from the ruling party or parties
Capital                                                              Bishkek
Administrative divisions                                    Seven provinces and two independent cities (Bishkek and Osh)
·         Separated from the Soviet Union in 1990
·         Independence declared on 31 August 1991
·         Constitution adopted in May 1993
·         1990 – 2010 – power concentrated in presidency
·         2005 and 2010 two coups resulted in the overthrow of the incumbent presidents
·         Interim president appointed until December 2011 to oversee transition to constitutional democracy
·         2010 – referendum ratified the new constitution which reduced the power of the presidency to create a parliamentary democracy
·         This made the Kyrgyz Republic the first FSU republic to complete the transformation from a one party Soviet system to a multi-party parliamentarian democracy
·         New president elected in 2011
·         Parliamentary election held in 2015
·         Seventh constitutional referendum held in December 2016 – increased the powers of the prime minister
·         Presidential election due in October 2017
2015 GDP: US$6.572bn (World Bank)
GDP per capita: US$1170 (one tenth of levels in Kazakhstan)
Main constituents of GDP: agriculture (20%), metals and mining (14%), industry (13%), services (51%)
World Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking in June 2016 – 75th out of 190 economies
Joined Eurasian Economic Union August 2015 (other members Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus and Russia)
UK trade mission in early 2017