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This area is underlain by Cambro – Ordovician siltstones greywackes and cherts of the Sandalash group (Chaarat and Karator formations), Devonian sandstones of the Tulkubash formation and late Paleozoic granitic pluton. The contact between the Devonian and the Ordovician formation in a moderate to steeply dipping thrust, known as the Contact Zone, which is an important control on mineralization in Chaarat, 10km to the east.

Soviet reports on significant gold mineralization (10meters, >12 g/t) prompted prospecting in 2004, 2005 and 2008. It has not been possible as yet in spite of some effort made to repeat those results. Alteration is diffuse and sporadic, consisting of sericitization, argilitization and silicification, with minor Fe oxides following oxidation of pyrite.